In 1986 Georgie began a journey. It was the journey of finding a potato…Not just any potato though – A potato that was special:

And because Georgie is a culinary chef by trade and driven to provide his Spud Lovers with only the very best, he spent a lot of time researching and developing unique cooking methods.

He started GEORGIE’S SPUDS & HOT DOGS on his very first site at Birkenhead Point in Sydney. Georgies passion & motivation brought a healthy fast food alternative onto the market!

He was successful in the market for over 18 years but
he was still searching for that Golden Spud until one day…

Since then, many days have passed. Georgie’s conducted even more research & development to further perfect his cooking method!

He’s even come up with an Export Potato to ship his Spuds over to Japan, Southeast Asia and Dubai!
A 3 Month shelf-life Baking Potato without any preservatives!

This, together with the patented
GEORGIE’S OVEN, gave the business THE EDGE!

And now, 27 YEARS of Potato Knowledge later, Georgie’s put together a mouth-watering menu with over 32 varieties!
His knowledge and experience bring together the world’s flavours on his spuds for you to enjoy!

Whether you choose the traditional White Washed Thin Skinned Potato or the buttery Kumara Sweet Potato, be sure that you will find a delicious topping amongst the selection of Vegie & Non-Vegie options.

Oh!…and yes, of course, THE SNAG’s have also come a long way….They’ve gone GOURMET since the Original Hot dogs back in 1986!!

You can choose your fresh Brioche Buns or Artisan Buns and from a variety of 10 Gourmet Combinations.

So next time you are at Harbourside Shopping Centre at Sydney’s beautiful Darling Harbour:

Come in and visit us!
Enjoy the Perfect Baked Spuds & Snags experience and check out our latest designed concept store! Grab a drink & have a seat by the water side to just enjoy the experience! Mmmmmmm……..